Wild west at the Cereolfabriek

Welcome to the wild, wild west

A new year, a new blog, a new house. We moved with the whole club to Oog in Al: dog, boyfriend and cat. Not necessarily in that order, by the way. A beautiful corner apartment on the third floor, with a view of the canal. There is a big wooden family table in the living room, were we can have dinners with friends, long evenings playing risk or have heated discussions. (which usually occur when playing risk, mind you.) All is well, but maybe we have to get out of the house sometime. To explore the neighbourhood and do something cultural or get a bite to eat? Luckily there is enough to do in this neighbourhood.

At Buurten

Already a hit in Utrecht: ever heard of “Buurten in de Fabriek”? Sure, yes? It is the little brother of “Buurten” located at Burgemeester Reigerstraat. Here you can enjoy a nice hamburger, as well as a fresh oyster with a glass of sparkling wine on the side. It is very child friendly and so I have experienced myself, very dog friendly as well. The wine menu is good, which I off course tested abundantly myself. The wines are categorized on taste from light to rich, so you can decide which wine is right for the time of day that you visit. Is there ever a wrong moment? My watch is always stuck on wine o’clock..

The beating heart of Utrecht West

Well, if you can resist a glass of wine at Buurten, there is more happening in the old factory, in which Buurten is located. Just recently they started several nice workshops and courses. For children, but also adults. My first thought was, that it would give you a whole hour to devour a plate of snacks and a glass of wine at Buurten while your kids are making music or dancing their tiny bums off at dance class. But well, that’s me. Back to the workshops: photography, dance, music, theatre, filosofy, drawing, the program is very divers and interesting. These great activities are summed up under one name: Het Wilde Westen. (The Wild West)

The program at the Wild West

The one workshop that catches my eye is “Writing”, it starts on the third of February at 20:00h, you will get two hours of creative writing. Hm..Do I have to apply? You could also take cooking lessons with your toddler, this way you will learn what foods your kid likes or dislikes. Back in the day I was supposed to eat whatever my mom put on the table, I would of appreciated a course of “Toddlercooking” a bit more I guess. And maybe I would of been a star in the kitchen right now. Enough with the jokes! What I am trying to say is, that the CereolFabriek offers original courses, so take a look on the website.

Do you have the rhythm of a good-looking Latino, and are your hips loose and ready to swing? Than the salsa lessons for adults might be your thing! Even if you don’t have any dance experience, you are welcome as well, don’t let my vivid imagination scare you away. You are welcome to bring your partner along, but solo is fine too, it starts on the 29th of January at 19:30h on a Thursday. Livin’ la vida loca, un, dos, tres…. Yes, all right, I’ll stop. I am just very enthusiastic ‘about this whole new adventure, let’s go to the Wild West! Check all info, fees and timetable on these two websites: cereolfabriek.nl or hetwildewesten.nl
Photo is from ‘Het wilde Westen’ facebook page. 


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Alicia weet wat er gaande is in de stad, als cultuur en food liefhebber is ze up-to-date van alles wat er zich in Utrecht afspeelt. Dus wie kan jou beter vertellen waar je heen kunt gaan om van een fantastische avond uit te genieten. Van kunstexposities tot proeverijen in de Domtoren, ze kent het allemaal. Toen zij veertien jaar geleden in de stad kwam studeren heeft zij Utrecht in haar hart gesloten. Alicia werkt als sommelier en is haar eigen wijnbedrijf gestart. Zij is de perfecte kunst & cultuur editor voor Explore Utrecht.

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