What to do in Utrecht? | Weekend Guide 21 & 22 February

While the South of the country is preparing for Carnival, we are again preparing for a banging weekend above the rivers! What are we doing in Utrecht this weekend? Have you seen Marit’s Cultuursnuiver art & culture tips? Check them out as well. Your (and our) weekend can begin!

What to do on Friday | 21 February


Attention bikermice, bikermen and bikergirls! Stuntshows, demonstrations, driving and free driving lessons. But not only that, of course you can admire the latest models and trends. The motorcycle season is about to start!

When? Until 23 Feb. From 10.00-18.00 hrs.
Where? Jaarbeurs, Jaarbeursplein
Info: Motorbeurs
Entrance: day €16,50, evening €12.

Fado Tropical

The Portuguese song is coming to Utrecht! Have you ever been to Lisbon? Enjoyed the Portuguese Song of Life? Here’s your chance to do it in our city. An evening full of poetry and music from the Portuguese language. Greats like Amalia Rodriguez will pass by.

When? 20:00-22:30 hrs.
Where? Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36
Info: Fado
Entrance: €11,43

What to do on Saturday | 22 February

Classical Music Walk

Mozart and Brahms have been to Utrecht, do you want to see our city through the eyes of different composers? Then walk along accompanied by their compelling melodies. Get to know the city in a different way.

When? 10.30 -12.00 hours
Where? Utrecht City
Info: Muziekwandeling
Entrance: €10,-

Walk in workshop Bonbons

Everybody loves chocolate, right?! How nice is it when you get to know more about it and can make the most delicious chocolates yourself? Come to the GrachtenAtelier and go home at the end of the workshop with a box of delicious homemade chocolates. It’s already making our mouth water…

When? 11.00-13.30 hrs.
Where? GrachtenAtelier, Oudegracht aan de Werf 207
Info: Bonbons
Entrance: €29,50

Beer tasting, Bierman&Bierman

Beer is good! And nice! But don’t you know it yet? You can learn and discover so much about it… Go to one of the best beer shops in Utrecht. Bierman&Bierman takes you into the wonderful world of beer. Oh, and you’ll also get a bite to eat.

When? 19.00-23.00 hrs.
Where? Bierman&Bierman, Biltstraat 46
Info: Bierman&Bierman
Entrance: €23,50

The Great Depression Show (Try-Out)

The dark site has never been so much fun! High peaks and deep lows. Three comedians are ready to show you how the world works, in 4 depressing rounds. Your dog can’t come, your wife can! It’s still a try-out, so admission is free. Please reserve a spot in advance!

When? 23.00 hrs.
Where? Comedy house, Oudegracht 36
Info: Comedyhuis
Entrance: Free

About Alicia van den Berg

Alicia weet wat er gaande is in de stad, als cultuur en food liefhebber is ze up-to-date van alles wat er zich in Utrecht afspeelt. Dus wie kan jou beter vertellen waar je heen kunt gaan om van een fantastische avond uit te genieten. Van kunstexposities tot proeverijen in de Domtoren, ze kent het allemaal. Toen zij veertien jaar geleden in de stad kwam studeren heeft zij Utrecht in haar hart gesloten. Alicia werkt als sommelier en is haar eigen wijnbedrijf gestart. Zij is de perfecte kunst & cultuur editor voor Explore Utrecht.

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