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vintage kledingwinkels Utrecht

5x vintage clothing in Utrecht

I’m incredibly proud of my fur coat and handbag. Why? Because they both once belonged to one of my grandmas. They’re unique items, that you won’t see on anyone else. Do you also enjoy wearing clothes that might not be found in everyone’s closet? Explore Utrecht is here to share our favorite vintage clothing shops in Utrecht’s city center!

Vintage shopping in Utrecht

Vintage Island

You can find clothes shop Vintage island on the Zadelstraat. You’ll immediately feel like you’ve walked into a store straight from the Wild West! Vintage Island is a shop that’ll make many vintage-loving heart skip a beat. Wool cardigans and sweaters, leather jackets and different types of blouses adorn their clothing racks. Vintage Island is mostly known for their large selection of cowboy- and biker boots!

Address: Zadelstraat 39


This store specializes in unique vintage and secondhand gems and you can find them on the Oudegracht. It might look like a tiny store, but they restock with new items every day. A lot of regulars drop by once a week to see if they can score any unique pieces. You can find polaroids of some happy customers in the back of the store. When customers go home with a particularly cool piece, they can  get their picture taken to hang up. Sometimes there’s even some wedding dresses to find among their selection, for those who favor a vintage wedding!

Address: Oudegracht 224


Vintage walhalla Episode is located on the Oudegracht, and this store has something for everyone! From funky tracksuits to real Levi’s, they have it all. Apart from a ground floor, they also offer a vintage cellar and a whole other floor, so you have lots of nooks and crannies to find your perfect vintage item. They also sell new items, that are made of second hand materials.

Address: Oudegracht 206


You can continue your search for special vintage items on the Voorstraat. At Sussie you’ll save a couple of bucks, as they’re known as one of the most budgetproof vintage clothing stores in Utrecht. You can even shop for the tiniest of vintage lovers, as Sussies also has a special corner of kids clothing. Brightly colored summer dresses are best sellers at Sussies, so get your hands on them as soon as summer rolls around!

Address: Voorstraat 50



It’s definitely worth the effort to set course to the Nachtegaalstraat for a visit to Roxy79! Roxy79 is an organized and tidy vintage clothing store for women. In contrast to the rest of the vintage stores in Utrecht, Roxy97 sells items dating from the 60s. Quality of the items is extremely important for them, so you won’t find any worn out items here. Apart from clothing, they also offer an array of vintage accessories like bags, shawls and sunglasses.

Address: Nachtegaalstraat 36

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