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4 x Vintage Interior Design shops

These days your house is incomplete without a piece of furniture that is at least a few decades old, vintage is hip! Apart from the many thrift stores in Utrecht, there’s also a lot of small businesses that focus completely on offering the nicest secondhand furniture pieces. We’ve collected the nicest ones in this article!

Vaen Vintage Design

When entering Vaen you’ll immediately notice a lot of the ‘big names’ in vintage, like the well known Tomado wall rack or a beautiful Gispen lamp. The shop definitely has a somewhat chic feel to it, but don’t let that fool you. The owner of the store is warm and welcoming to all who visit and is excited to tell you everything about her treasures.

Oudegracht 246 /  www.vaenonline.nl


DAK offers more than great antiques! Here, you can also buy some nice clothing and even get a haircut. The atmosphere of the store kind of feels like you’ve wandered into a mad scientist’s lair — with jars filled with formaldehyde and taxidermy animals. However, this is part of DAK’s charm. Despite its darker items, the store has a light and pleasant atmosphere to it.

Oudegracht 72B /  facebook.com

Good Stuff

Goed Spul means ‘good stuff’ in Dutch, and that name rings more than true. This store is spacious and has several little corners that have been decorated completely in style. From an entire living room arrangement, to the tiniest details, ‘Good Stuff’ is an amazing place to get inspiration! Goed Spul mostly sells items from the 50s to 80s, with a clear preference for Scandinavian style.

Plantage 10 /  goedspul.com


Out of all the stores mentioned, Frümel is definitely the one furthest away from the beaten path. Based in the depths of Overvecht, the bike ride here is completely worth it! You’d never expect such a treasure trove in a small mall across the Lidl. When entering Frümel, you’ll feel like you’re visiting your grandma who has no idea what amazing gems she has in her home.

Andesdreef 83-85 / www.frumel.com

By Frümel
By Goed Spul
DAK by the new life beginning

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