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The Vega Pop-up in Utrecht for one month!

ATTENTION: the final weekend of the Vega Pop-up has been moved to 18, 19 and 20 March. It will be at the event location Citysense (St. Jacobs Street) again. You are still able to book a table for the weekend.

Since Valentine’s Day, the event location CitySense on St. Jacobs Street transformed into a trendy temporarily vegan restaurant. Vegetarians and vegans of Utrecht: check out this Vega Pop-up restaurant! You’ve got the chance to visit it just this month. After two weeks at CitySense, the restaurant moves to the Centraal Museum (that’s as of this Thursday).

Surprisingly vegetarian
For the last two years, Friedjof Kempenaar, initiator of the Vega Pop-up, has successfully implemented the concept in Rotterdam. And now, it’s visiting Utrecht for the very first time! The number of good, vegetarian facilities with a modern kitchen are still limited. That’s why he invented, along with chef Olaf Bouwman and sous chef Tim Berkhout, this cool Pop-up restaurant concept, which soon will even be in Belgium.

The Vega Pop-up proves that vegetarian cooking doesn’t have to be boring. As a non-vegetarian you will be amazed by the cuisine as well. And the chefs promise you won’t miss your beloved piece of meat or fish. Well, that sounds promising! We haven’t been there yet, but will definitely book a table to enjoy this veggie experience.

Until March 5 in Utrecht
It is possible to book a table until March 5. After that date the restaurant will move to another place.

Address: Centraal Museum, Agnietenstraat 1.

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Pictures: Friedjof Kempenaar.

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