Utrecht Weekend Guide 27, 28 & 29 September

The last week of September! And for this week I have selected three nice pop-up restaurants for you. You can choose from an experience dinner at a special location or a family brunch full of passion. Read on because it’s time to plan the weekend. Have a nice day!

Pop-up Restaurant SterkWater

The new pop-up dinner concept SterkWater is based on Fort Lunet II. It is the beginning of a series of special pop-up dinners that will appear at many forts along the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. Fort Lunet II is the first location. This fort, part of the 4 Lunettes, was built around 1820. Want to know more about this hidden Lunet? Then join the experience dinner, from 26 September to 20 October.

More info and tickets via: Facebook Event SterkWater

Pop-up Diner Karibu

The pop-up dinner at Karibu is pushing the boundaries. Every month it is a culinary experience from a different country. Come out of your comfort zone and enjoy a five-course menu based on Swedish cuisine. More information about the dinner via: www.facebook.com/events

Pop-up Restaurant Ceviche Papi bij Metro 

Ceviche Papi comes back to Metro City Kitchen with a great four-course menu. The menu is inspired by his family brunches on Sunday. With the menu he gives a look behind the scenes. Grandma’s dish? Yes, of course it’s on the menu.

The menu:
Starter: Pan con chicharron | empanada | sangrecita (bacon sandwich | Stuffed dough sandwich | Blood sausage)
Starter: Ceviche de tarde (Coquille | carrot | Quinua)
Main course: Seco con frejoles (72 hour cooked shortribs | white beans | criolla)
Dessert: Choco cake | lucuma ice cream | choco sauce

Tickets via: pop-up-restaurant-ceviche-papi

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