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Utrecht Skate Parade: explore Utrecht on wheels

Maybe you spotted the skate parade on Friday evening with loads of skaters rolling behind a car packed with music DJs. If you have seen it, then you know what the Utrecht Skate Parade looks like: it is an initiative by a few skate fanatics in Utrecht. The Utrecht Skate Parade has grown into an big event, you do not wanna miss.

From the beginning of May until the end of September Utrecht Skate Parade (USP30) organizes a free skate ride every Friday evening. The tour always goes through the city, but every time it will be a different route so you can explore loads of different parts of Utrecht. And you don’t need to worry about the roads because everything is taking care of so you can skate your way down the motorway, bus-roads and bike paths. The ride is about 20 kilometers long and at the halfway point the parade stops for a break at a nice spot or park.

Tips & tricks
If you are doubting this would be something for you, you should definitely give it a try. Before the parade starts, you will get a lesson and some tips and tricks on how to use your breaks. And along the way the more experienced riders are willing to give more handy tips. But be warned: once you have joined the ride you just might get infected with the “USP” virus and all your Fridays will be booked until the end of September 😉

Getting a drink
After the Skate Parade everyone sticks around for a drink and chat at one of the nearby cafes. The Utrecht Skate Parade is a unique and fun way to get to know new people and explore the city. Wanna roll into your weekend? Join the USP! Will I see you on Friday?

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Start: every Friday meeting at 19:45 and return around 22:00

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About Susanne Sterkenburg

Susanne is a marketing and communication professional with a passion for photography. She loves to jump on her bike to discover something new in her city Utrecht! Not just to take pictures, but most likely to drink coffee. As a real coffee addict she knows to find all coffee hotspots in Utrecht. Susanne loves organizing events and is involved in the Explore Utrecht meetups and events as well. Besides shopping, having a healthy lunch or drinking wine with friends in the city, she’s a sports fanatic. Running through the city or doing some bootcamp in the Wilhelminapark, Julianapark or Griftpark is her favorite thing to do.

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