Utrecht celebrates love with Midzomergracht Festival

The Midzomergracht Festival will celebrate sexual and gender diversity with the people of Utrecht for the 21st time. From the 16th until the 25th of June 2017 Utrecht turns pink and the city will come alive with over 70 LGBTI-activities like culture, sports, education, meeting and parties. Attractive for a wide and diverse audeince because of the fantastic, typical atmosphere that Utrecht is known for. An entire world will open up to you.

Leon Bex, chairman of the Midzomergracht Festival: “A lot of things have changed over the year. I’ve made it my mission to bring Midzomergracht closer to the people – áll people – and actively searching out this connection. There are so many organisations committed to the LGBTI-community, that it would be fantastic to combine their forces. We’ve set up several committees with motivated volunteers, which makes it so we can pursue our goals in a more focused matter. This way we can offer different LGBTI-organisations the platform that they deserve.

Utrecht Canal Pride 2017

What’s so special about Midzomergracht, is that it’s not just a party for young people, or just a culture festival. It’s a festival for everyone: with a prominent space for transgenders. This year we’re striving to be the first festival that only provides gender neutral bathrooms.”

Leon tips: “The first weekend of Midzomergracht, a completely pink weekend, is one that you wouldn’t want to miss. Friday the 16th we’re rocking into the weekend during Gracht&Nacht: the opening party. Most LGBTI (party) – organisations have an important role this night. The next day is very special, because the very first Utrecht Canal Pride will take place, with several parties on the street throughout the city. Once we’re done partying there, we can relax during the Parkdag in the Griftpark, which is also the kickoff for the cultural program of the festival for the upcoming week. Feel free to check out our website for the entire program. I can’t wait!”

Check out the full program of Midzomergracht Festival on midzomergracht.nl

Article and photo’s are a contribution by Midzomergracht. 

Parkdag Griftpark

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