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historische feestlocaties Utrecht

Golden Oldies: 4 historic locations for a memorable party

Are you looking for the perfect venue for celebrating a birthday, anniversary or to throw a wedding party? An old city that dates back to Roman time, Utrecht boasts a great number of historical landmarks that will surely add a special atmosphere to your party. Just imagine…high ceilings, burning candles, and great acoustics for the band! And how about a glass of bubbles in the stately rose garden in a sunny afternoon. Sounds enticing? Well, here are four historic locations in Utrecht that will make your party a big hit!

Sonnenborgh observatory

For those who want to add some stardust to their party, the Sonnenborgh observatory is the perfect location. The place breathes history, with its 16th century defense walls, where you can enjoy a great view of the canals. The atmosphere is just enchanting. At the Sonnenborgh, you can choose between the stately library for an intimate ceremony or the covered courtyard, where you can marvel at the stars through the glass ceiling.

More info: Sonnenborgh

Karel V

With a choice of – yes – 14 rooms, the historic Hotel Karel V offers a grand setting for your special occasion. With names like ‘Duke of Brunswick’ and ‘Anne of Austria’, you can imagine how these rooms must look like: regal and sophisticated. Surrounding the hotel is a hectare of beautiful gardens, where you can hold a cocktail party, a dinner or a wedding reception.

More info: Karel V

Dom tower

What’s a better way to kick-off your celebration than raising a glass at the icon of Utrecht? The Dom Tower offers two rooms for your indoor feast: the extraordinary St Michael’s chapel for a larger celebration or the more intimate Van Heukelom room (14 people). Whether it’s a DJ or a sing-along, you are allowed to play the music until 1 am. If you prefer an outdoor party, you can opt for the monastery garden, which is normally open for public. Handy to know: the Dom Tower works with four new caterers, which serve traditional or modern-style banquet. The caterers are selected based on the following criteria: their involvement with the development of Utrecht, quality, passion and innovation.

More info: Domtoren


The Royal Dutch Munt building

The magnificent building of the Royal Dutch Mint (Muntgebouw) on the Leidseweg is over 100 years old, a perfect venue to party in style. The former Mint building and Money Museum now offer excellent meeting and event facilities. With ten rooms and space to accommodate up to 500 people, there is something for everyone. The nicest room is the Eerste Slagruimte, where the first coins were struck. It has a glass wall overlooking the monumental façade of the building.

Beeld: Ruud de Graaf

More info: Muntgebouw

Eager for more golden oldies in Utrecht? This summer we come up with a Fort Route, so watch this space!

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About Christine van den Brink

Christine, born and raised in Utrecht, works as a freelance editor and loves writing about traveling. A job that suites her perfectly because she loves to travel and write. She calls Utrecht her home, because it is a good place to come home to after traveling. Christine likes to explore the city as well since it's getting more and more vibrant each day. Living on the booming Westerkade with all its temptations is a big plus. There is enough to explore; different restaurants, shops and new hotspots popping up everywhere. She loves food, shopping, festivals and movies. Now and then she helps out in her father's shop, Catch on the Domstraat, famous for its portraits and posters of Utrecht. For Explore Utrecht Christine will keep an eye out on all the cool happenings in the city from shop openings to awesome parties.

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