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My blog offers me the opportunity to meet fun and inspiring entrepreneurs and have a sneak peek behind the scenes. I get very happy hearing beautiful stories of passionate people. Some weeks ago I had another happy moment. I received an invitation from Pastoe in my mailbox, asking if I wanted to visit the factory and showroom. I almost fell of my white Pastoe wire Chair, of happiness! Because this dire Pastoe fan has been wanting to have a look around the factory for years. The appointment was made and together with Robert (photographer) I went to visit the Pastoe factory, located on Rotsoord.

Pastoe – Utrecht Design 

Unfortunately the factory closes its doors and will move to a location outside Utrecht. The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) is settling in the great big Pastoe building were history was made.

Let’s turn the clock back to 13 april 1913, more than 100 years ago. It all started with Frits Loeb, whom produced furniture for his stores. Soon enough the furniture was sold at various points in Netherlands. Eventually the factory got to small for the production and Pastoe moved in 1918, then known as UMS Pastoe (Utrechtse Machinale Stoel- en Meubelfabriek), to a property on Rotsoord. The company grows. The entire property was plundered during World War II, but the company was again continued. Through the development of a new production method and the concept of a flexible cabinet system Pastoe grows further and wins international awards for its designs. On the website of Pastoe you will find the history in detail, if you are eager to know more.

Pastoe Fabriek Explore Utrecht 2

From board tot cabinet

The work that is done in the factory is very precise. The whole process from board to cabinet has built-in check moments. The lady that is responsible for checking the end product is very strict. The bar is set high and if it is not met? Well hen we just start again! Not only the product is durable, also the way of producing. We are talking here about workmanship and the dedication with which the team produces. There is a reason you get years of warranty on a Pastoe design. Because what is created at Pastoe remains under the life-long care of the manufacturer.

Pastoe is customization

Pastoe products have a timeless, sleek and modern look. It comes down to customization. One listens to the wishes of the customer. And this is why non of the cabinets that leave the factory look the same. Because the team is relatively small, you as a buyer, know whom has worked to your cabinet. The factory and showroom are just a few steps from each other, so there is a good chance you will meet the maker. At what other furniture manufacturer do you have this possibility? Despite the small team, Pastoe has a good international reputation. The wire chairs, for example, are massive hit in Japan.

Pastoe Fabriek Explore Utrecht 3

Every Utrechter a Pastoe

This is what I’m cheering for! And this is your chance to get a real Pastoe design at home. For the last time Pastoe organises a Factory Sale on Rotsoord. This time they will go big! All showroom models, surplus furniture, test models, return orders and that one cabinet that got sprayed in the wrong color are displayed in the factory. Go have look and maybe buy something. Bring along your debit card. Bye Bye savings! But hey, at least you will have a nice piece of high quality Dutch Design.

Factory Sale – Rotsoord 3 
Saturday 28 November 09:00-16:00
Sunday 29 November 09:00-16:00

Pictures by Robert van Walsem

Pastoe Fabriek Explore Utrecht 9

Pastoe Fabriek Explore Utrecht 10

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