Toko Mitra

Toko Mitra is an Indonesian deli, where you can also buy some Indonesian products. At the deli you can take away your order or you can have a dinner in the dinning area.
I go to Toko Mitra a lot, it is one of my favorite quick and delicious places to have dinner. My first time was when I still worked for the Bijenkorf Utrecht. Now 4 years later I still go to this deli, only now it’s across the street of the Bijenkorf. All these years I always ordered the same thing (I really can’t choose, they have too many delicious choices!). So again this time I placed my usual order: Nasi Goreng Rames or the Nasi Goreng Rames Special. The difference between these two dishes is the added sate when you order the special.
You don’t have to be afraid of going home with an empty stomach when you have diner at Toko Mitra. The plates are fully loaded, as you can see on the photo. And everything tastes lovely.

If you ever considered Indonesian take away and like more spicy food, you have to try Toko Indonesia Asli on the Biltstraat.

Address – Lange Viestraat
Google Map here!

Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam

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