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Tiger Mama – Tasting Asia

Opium out, Tiger Mama in

New, fresh, and happening! Wow, Opium has had a good metamorphosis. Something I was honestly pretty sceptical about. Opium was one of the best places in the city to find some rest. Lounging in the courtyard, with a glass of bubbly. But now! Tiger Mama is sexy, stylish, and superrr delicious. You can still lounge in the garden, in the sushi basement, in the bar, or in the green oasis. The interior is colourful, and from industrial to pastels, every room has its own atmosphere and identity.

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10x Asia

The cocktails are delicious. I started with a Tiger Mama martini. What a party for the eyes and the tastebuds. Next, we were surprised with a 10(!) course menu, consisting of Asian bites. Spring rolls, sushi, wagyu beef, poke bowls… And so on. Dumplings were a favourite! We experienced a trip through all of Asia. And all for 27.50! I was expecting to explode after all of those courses, but the portions are good and the ingredients so fresh that 10 courses was just perfect. Even after two courses of dessert, I could still get my pants done up. And I’ll be back even just for the coconut cream and the pandan mousse!

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Bites at the bar

You can also head to Tiger Maman for a delicious glass of wine or a strong gin tonic. Hanging out at the bar is allowed! Order fresh rolled sushi or steamed dumplings as a snack. Awesome! I can only compliment the guys from Opium, and now Tiger Mama, for this gorgeous and delicious concept. The idea makes sense and everything tastes good! I’ll never be so sceptical again when owners decide to do things differently. Happily surprised!

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Open every day from 17:00

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