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The Snorfabriek – the new cultural hotspot in the Daalsebuurt

Soon you’ll be able to get your creativity flowing in the Daalsebuurt! Bookpublisher Snor will open the Snorfabriek in the old NS depot on the 2e Daalsedijk. From the 13th of November you’re more than welcome to visit for good food, drinks, workshops, expo’s, art, lectures and music. A meeting place for the neighborhood, Utrecht and anything beyond it.


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In september we’ve already gotten a sneak peek of the atmosphere during the Snorfestival, which took place in the old warehouse. The entire neighborhood came to see what this Snorfabriek is all about: a warehouse of fun and creativiteit in the shape of workshops, foodtrucks, art and a great atmosphere! You could learn how to screenprint, enjoy a pancake made of tapioca flour, write poetry and let their kids play in their own little circus.

The Snorfabriek will be a place where you can enjoy culture together with your children, where young and old discover art in an accessible, approachable way. Apart from that you will also be able to enjoy some delicious food, suitable for all ages. From great teas, wines and culinary sandwiches to icecream, pancakes and lemonade!

After a nice bite to eat or an inspiring workshop you can also buy some nice gifts at the Snorfabriek in their shop. Here you can find secondhand tidbits, homeware, books and everything you need to also get creative at home.

As someone who lives in the Daalsebuurt I’m looking forward tot his new addition and enrichment of the neighborhood.

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