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Specialty koffies at 30ML Boutique located on the Zadelstraat

30ml Specialty Coffee Zadelstraat-6

30ML Boutique is the new addition to the Zadelstraat in Utrecht. Since 8 October you can go here for delicious and specialty coffees. Chances are that the name is familiar to you. The first 30ML was on the Mariastraat but later moved to the Vredenburg. In addition to its own branches on Vredenburg and Zadelstraat, there are also franchise branches …

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Shopping at Keck & Lisa

Keck & Lisa Explore Utrecht 17

I find buying presents a serious and sometimes time-consuming activity. Luckily in Utrecht it won’t take to long to find a suitable gift because the city offers plenty of shops where you can succeed. But hey, what do you do if you don’t have time to look for an appropriate gift? Or totally don’t feel like it because you prefer lounging at a …

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Rabarber – Petit Cafè on the Zadelstraat

Rabarber Zadelstraat Explore Utrecht 2

During the weekend I love to go shopping at one of my favorite streets in Utrecht, Zadelstraat. It probably is the most photographed street in Utrecht, because of the great view of the Dom Tower. But why is the Zadelstraat one of my faves? In addition to the nice clothes and interior design shops and bakery Theo Bailey. For an afternoon of “homemade lemonade ‘ …

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All the luck on the Zadelstraat

The sight of this store made me very happy. The window is dressed up with lovely interior decoration pieces and you can see loads more such as jewellery, note books and more. The shop, ‘All the luck in the world‘, is a happy place on the Zadelstraat. The shop opened a few weeks ago and also has a subsidiary in …

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