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Kimmade – Real Vietnamese street food in Utrecht

Kimmade Explore Utrecht 1

For a quick and healthy meal I go to Kimmade on the Mariastraat — where they serve up delicious Vietnamese street food. The young owner has worked in restaurants for some time and thought it was time to open his own place, and this has worked out pretty well. Kimmade may be a small eatery, but people come from far away to enjoy …

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Anne & Max – Donkere Gaard Utrecht

Anne & Max Explore Utrecht 1

Anne & Max located on the Donkere Gaard is one of my favorite spots in Utrecht. It go there to meet up and chat with friends over a cup of thee. Order a coffee to go and of to meetings. An afternoon in front of the laptop blogging and staying for lunch. It is also a perfect spot to relax in …

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De Markt | Drieharingstraat Utrecht

Imagine visiting a market in Spain; vibrant colors, a different scent from each direction, loads of noise and very crowded . That is how a market is suppose to be! And this is what you will experience at restaurant ‘De Markt’ and ‘naast de Markt’ a smaller restaurant next door. Buzzing The restaurant is a little bit noisy and always packed with people. Don’t …

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Bresson | French Elegance on Oudegracht

Brasserie Bresson is a bit of Paris in Utrecht. This grand French restaurant is located on a prime location, along the Oudegracht. Since the restaurant opened, about four years go, it has been on my to visit list. Shame on me that I visited Bresson so late, since it is only a five minute walk from my home. I guess its better late then …

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Smulders Kookt | Jaarbeursplein Utrecht

At the foot of the large stairs on Jaarbeursplein next to Beatrix Theater you will see a large cargo bike, it has been there for a few months now. Mysterious Cargo bike Every day I ride my bike to central station to get on the bus to work. On my way back in the afternoon I noticed a cargo bike on the Jaarbeursplein, it has …

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LE:EN – Heuveloord Utrecht

Restaurant LEEN Explore Utrecht 5

Once again I was on the Asian tour and this time I chose LE:EN. Surely a well known name in Utrecht, but the restaurant is not located in the city center, so it’s not the first place you think of when you’re in town. However, this is no reason not to go because I had a really tasty dinner. A major advantage …

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La Casita del Mojo – Spanish Vintage Cafe in Utrecht

Looking for Spanish vibes in Utrecht? Then you should visit La Casita de Mojo in Loeff Berchmakerstraat 36. It is possible to walk by the little white house because it doesn’t look much like an eatery from the outside. When you enter it’s summer time! Soft and warm pastel colours, wood and colourful trinkets all over. It’s like being at …

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Anna food, health & happiness at Paul van Dillen

Finding nice cafes and shops on unexpected locations makes me very happy. Anna food, health & happiness is such a happy place, located in the Paul van Dillen shop on the Vredenburg. Most of us know Paul van Dillen, mostly because of the moving-track in the window display with all fun and beautiful kitchen utensils. When entering the store, walk up the …

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The City Archives

The Utrechts Archief, located at the Hamburgerstraat next to the restaurant Rechtbank, holds the entire history of Utrecht. And is also the centre for ecclesiastical archives and information on the Dutch Railways. The city archives consists of: cards, pictures, publications, movies about the history of Utrecht, the province and its people. On a regular basis the archives organizes events like; …

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