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Delicious and quick take out in Utrecht

Take out, take away or carry out..? It all refers to the same thing: ‘Prepared foods purchased at a restaurant to eat elsewhere’! After a couple of busy days at the office, I spoil myself and get take out. There are several restaurants I go to regularly and these I want to share with you. I like Surinam, Italian, Spanish or …

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Resto Santai: A tiny piece of Indonesia on the Biltstraat

Indonesisch dineren in Utrecht

Biltstraat is a breeding ground for amazing food, which is proven once more by Indonesian restaurant Resto Santai. Does that name sound familiar? You might know Santai as a small takeaway place on the Oudegracht. Both Resto Santai and Santai’s Takeaway have a clear theme for their interior design. Modern in white and blue with a touch of traditional Indonesian …

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Pizza at Bastacosi

From several people I heard that the best pizza of Utrecht is served at Bastacosi. So I decided that I needed to try the pizza myself. I’m always looking for that special food experience. After a long week of hard work, I don’t want to go grocery shopping or even think about cooking. And what’s better than to usher in …

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Toko Mitra

Toko Mitra is an Indonesian deli, where you can also buy some Indonesian products. At the deli you can take away your order or you can have a dinner in the dinning area. I go to Toko Mitra a lot, it is one of my favorite quick and delicious places to have dinner. My first time was when I still worked …

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