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‘t Koffieboontje’s – coffee spot overlooking the windmill

’t Koffieboontje at the Gruttersdijk ’t Koffieboontje (the coffee bean) on the Oudegracht is growing and needs a bigger space for their growing fan base. But where else can we go to enjoy their signature brew and delicious treats? Fear not! They recently opened a new shop at the Gruttersdijk, which is one of the coziest café along the Oudegracht. …

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‘t Koffieboontje | Coffee at Oudegracht

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‘t Koffieboontje is a beautiful coffee shop, located at the rather chaotic Oudegracht. Here you can relax throughout the day, whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. ‘t Koffieboontjes for coffee at the Oudegracht Early birds can stop by from seven o’clock in the morning to get a cup of coffee to go. I would say this is a fine ‘ wake …

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