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Restaurant concepts to add to your list

Bar Restaurant Speck Ledig Erf Explore Utrecht 1

5x the nicest restaurants with original concepts! These days if you go out for dinner, it’s not just important to have good food, but to also have an amazing experience. It is incredibly nice if a bar or a restaurant has a nice ambiance. The interior design, the atmosphere and the waiters all contribute to the full picture. Looking for …

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Speck | Utrecht

Speck Bar & Grill Explore Utrecht 7

Speck Bar & Grill on Ledig Erf My mum doesn’t like it and my boyfriend can only condone it when thoroughly baked: Bacon! On a personal note, you could wake me up for it in the middle of the night. A very good motivator to go to Ledig Erf square for once. For a while now, Speck Bar & Grill …

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