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8x Asian Streetfood Restaurants in Utrecht

KImmade Aziatisch Streetfood Explore Utrecht 3

The spots for Asian street food are popping up like mushrooms in the ground. We’re not complaining though, we love sitting at a table full of delicious Asian bites, like spring rolls, dumplings, rice paper rolls, fried spicy chicken wings, and steamed duck buns. I’ll also happily order a delicious bowl of pho or ramen. In this post I’m sharing …

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Tasty Saigon Street Food at Ănăn

AnAn Asian Streetfood Explore Utrecht

Where better to taste Asian street food than at a bustling market in Saigon? I walk onto a terrace where people are enjoying a chat, come across a bar where beers are piled high, step onto a busy patio and take a seat on one of the brightly colored bucket seats. The hubbub of the market and the scent of …

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