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5x pizza spots in Utrecht

Satriale's pizzabar noordwest 8

Pizza, who doesn’t like it? But what are the nicest places in Utrecht to eat pizza? I listed some of the best spots for you. Now all you have to do is head on out and enjoy your pizza.

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3 establishments in the up & coming Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht

The Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht is a sweet little street that is only 50 metres long. Yet the street is full of special shops and fine restaurants. The trendy street continues to grow and expands with three new restaurants: Life’s a Peach, Little Beershop and Pizza Beppe Quattro. You can read all about it in this blog!

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Sugo Pizza I plate pizza at Vredenburg

Yes! Vredenburg has a new addition: Sugo Pizza. At Sugo you can get a delicious freshly prepared slice plate pizza for a few euros. Maybe you know Sugo from other cities, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where the concept has been popular for a number of years. Pizza al taglio The pizza at Sugo is different from the average (takeaway) …

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Mouth-watering pizzas at Da Portare VIA

Da Portare VIA Explore Utrecht 3

Da Portare VIA just opened its third Utrecht location, and Cate and I were kindly invited to come celebrate with them. We arrived at Brederoplein 6 on a rainy evening feeling rather damp and dishevelled, but the warm, buzzing atmosphere inside was definitely promising. With live acoustic guitar, general cheer, and the tantalising scent of fresh pizza surrounding us, we …

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La Lotta Cantina | Kanaalweg Utrecht

La Lotta Cantina is the company restaurant of the smart business park during the day, and a restaurant which serves delicious pizzas in the evening. La Lotta Cantina, located at the Kanaalweg (Merwedekanaal) is what we city bloggers call a ‘hidden gem’. You really need to know where to look and not give up easily. Once found you can reward yourself …

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