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Explore Utrecht Mini Tour – Lets discover the Twijnstraat

Mini Tour Twijnstraat Explore Utrecht 2

Welcome to the Mini Tours of Explore Utrecht! In the next six weeks, our photographers Daniel, Pierre and I will take you along in a discovery tour in our city, through a series of pictures and articles. So grab your phone, open up this article and walk along with us! Twijnstraat (aan de Werf) In this first mini tour, we …

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Monsieur Moustache: there is a new barber in town!

Monsieur Moustache Explore Utrecht 1

Men with beards are as old as the stone age when men creeped out of caves ready to gather food and kill prey with their bare hands to put a meal on the table for their family. But lately, you can sport a big beard without looking caveman esque. That is – if you care for it properly. All this hair …

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