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deBeschaving | the awesome festival of Utrecht

Le grand Day de Art at the deBeschaving Festival deBeschaving matched this year with the theme, ‘ Le grand Day the Art ‘ to the Le Grand Depart and kicked off the Tour de France. Four trails lead you past all the activities and stages of the festival. In addition to the programming of well-known artists, such as Typhoon and the Utrecht band Kensington …

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Stathe Live Sessions

Stathe Live Sessies Woensdagavond Explore Utrecht 2

Stathe Sessions – living-room concerts on Wednesday evening Since a year and a half now you can drink beer at the bar whilst enjoying a board with snacks, listen to live music and dance to the tunes of the DJ at café Stathe, formerly know as café Flitz. But there is more. In addition to live music on weekends you can visit the special …

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Klein Berlijn at Rotsoord

Young hipsters, business men, creative peeps, skaters, families and more all find their way to Klein Berlijn. You couldn’t guess there is such a great lounge spot along the canal by the location of this restaurant and lounge. Klein Berlijn is located near to Tivoli De Helling and across a fire station, in the middle of several businesses, car service …

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VIU: De Voorhoede

Their YouTube-video got more than 30.000 views, they were invited by the biggest radio-DJ of the Netherlands Giel Beelen, they love Utrecht the most and all this started out as a joke: De Voorhoede, also known as Steven and Akke. My Personal Style’s Dainahara en Sanne met up with them at The Village on the Voorstraat. So, this all started …

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