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Favorites of..Joy

Instagram JBBouwmeester

Hi, my name is Joy. I am a sports fanatic and ‘fitgirl’, and study Nutrition and Dietetics in Amsterdam. Via Instagram, you can follow my workout routines, recipes and every now and then a snapshot of our beautiful city. I am 23 years old and have lived in Utrecht for five years, and I am pretty sure now that I’d …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up Oktober

Insta Round Up March

Good bye October! It doesn’t seem so long ago that I typed the Insta Round-Up for September and here we are at the beginning of a new month. I feel like i’m in an intercity heading to 2016, and without any delays or techinical difficulties. Happy I have my Instagram feed to remind me of all the cool places I visited …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #September

Explore Utrecht Insta Round Up september 9

Hello October! Still can’t believe how fast the days pass, time for a new Insta Round-Up. I typed this round up during my 6 hours visit to Shoreditch, London. So this is a great excuse to post more pictures than write text, because had to go off to do some exploring. Share your favourite spot on Social Media by using the hastag #exploreutrecht. …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #August

Insta Round Up Augustus Explore Utrecht

Can’t believe it’s time for a new Insta Round-Up already. Maybe you have noticed that I skipped July, but it was a crazy busy month and I thought you might appriciate blog updates a bit more. But for August I have a quick update on my discoveries of the past month and I also share some of my favourite spots with you. …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #June

Yay, it’s finally July. And July is the equivalent of the summer that we so deserve, with a heat wave as bonus. The countdown to the Tour de France has now really started. Are you guys ready? Have you looked at the ‘ heatwave protocol ‘ and ‘ how to survive the Tour de France ‘ links on internet yet? Don’t know …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #May

Explore Utrecht Instagram Round up May

It’s June! Do the days fly by or is it just me? Guess its time for a new Insta Round Up. May was an incredibly busy month for Utrecht. Every weekend was jam-packed with events such as; Fonteyn Festival, TREK, Jazz Festival, cultural Sunday and much more. Many new hotspots opened in May, some of them I have visited of course. A few are …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #April

Insta Round Up Explore Utrecht April

April was a great month! An incredibly busy month because there was a lot happening in the city, such as, ‘ the world pillow fight day ‘ on the Domplein and ‘Swan  Market’ on Vredenburgplein. Of course King night and day with the Vrijmarkt and festivities on almost every squares in the city. But also loads of new spots opened up in April. Such as CROP on …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #March

Instagram Round Up Explore Utrecht Round up Maart

It’s a new month so it is time for a new Insta Round-Up! March was a crazy busy but very fun month with loads of new discoveries, nice outings and meetings. All my favorites are selected for this round up of March. If you have any questions, suggestions or tips, drop me a comment or send an email to info@exploreutrecht.nl Let’s make …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #February

Instagram Round Up Explore Utrecht February

Hi All, It’s time for a new Instagram Round-up! February went by very quickly and the last week was crazy. I had so much fun discovering places for a new project. Meeting loads of new people talking to shop owners, meeting up with Instagrammers and bloggers. Also have been crazy busy having lunch and dinner at different places around town, as …

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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up | January 2015

This month I’m starting a new category on Explore Utrecht! You might know that I’m a very fanatic instagrammer and I love sharing all the new and old spots I discover in Utrecht. Also just stuff I do and people that I meet thanks to my blog and Instagram account. So every month I will publish a round up of my favorite …

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