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Favorite spots for delicious Indonesian food

Indonesisch dineren in Utrecht

I have lived in the Netherlands for almost eighteen years now, and feel very much at home in Utrecht. While I enjoy the Dutch endive stampot, raw herrings and hearty stews, there are times that I miss the exotic tastes from my hometown, Jakarta. It’s the Indonesian the street food that I miss the most, such as charcoal-grilled chicken or lamb satays, gado-gado (steamed vegetable …

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Different Indonesian food at Spekuk

Spekuk Explore Utrecht 2

Utrecht already has some delicious Indonesian restaurants, but only recently there’s a newcomer in town: Spekuk! The misspelling of the name for Indonesian ‘Spekkoek’ is an indicator of what you can expect: Indonesian food, but not quite as you would expect it. The dishes that chef Jitske Jongendijk serves in her restaurant are Indonesian dishes with a dash of Dutch …

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