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Carla’s Conditorie & Foodbar

On the west side of Utrecht we have Lombok district. In the last few years small coffee bars and eateries have been popping up throughout this neighborhood. Since a few months we have a ‘Shopping mall’ as well! At the other side of the Merwede canal there is the recently renovated Cereol factory, which officially opened last summer. In this old factory …

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Restaurant Elvi

I have been meaning to write a review of my favorite restaurant for a while now. It is very tempting to keep it a secret but at Explore Utrecht we are all about sharing so today I will tell you why I love having dinner at Restaurant Elvi. Elvi is located  outside of the city center but in a very trendy …

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When I have something to celebrate I love to go to Brass. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful building with the grandeur of Utrecht a couple hundred years ago, at Janskerkhof. When you enter the restaurant: after a warm welcome by entering the restaurant your coat is hoisted up to an inventive coat hanger. Don’t try this at home  …

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Cafe Lombok

Café Lombok is a small multi-cultural café along the Vleutenseweg in Lombok. You will recognize the building right away, because its white and baby blue with a small balcony on the front. Ooh and don’t forget the horns. To cute! The cafe has been open now for almost two years. First it was Pepper & Flow, an Italian slash orient …

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De Goedheyd

Year after year nominated as the best restaurant of Utrecht. So I had to experience that myself of course! De Goedheyd is situated opposite the old courthouse in the heart of Utrecht. Which has been converted into a hotel and restaurant. De Goedheyd: is food on gastronomic level! If you go here, just go for the full package: the 5 …

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I am a fan of well thought out eating concepts. Badhu is the place for the real Arabic thousand and one night dinner. This restaurant slash hotel slash bar is already discovered as a city stay on this website. But now the restaurant: The tiles on the walls remind you of this Arabic bathhouse (hamam). On the low chouches it is very …

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