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Going green at The Green House

The Green House Explore Utrecht 7

Something interesting has appeared on the Croeselaan… They’ve been working on a ‘glass house’ in between the Rabobank building and the brand new government office building De Knoop for a while. We got to take a look in this beautiful glass box called The Green House! The Green House isn’t just a reference to the beautiful green house that you …

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Slurping noodles at Sanju Ramen

Sanju Ramen Explore Utrecht 2

Last week, Lisa and I got to check Sanju on the Voorstraat. The verdict? We loved it! Homemade & authentic Sanju strives to offer an authentic ramen experience. With four chefs, two of whom are Japanese, owners Jeroen and Mohammed are constantly researching and working to develop, refine, and perfect their flavours. In addition, they make everything from scratch. And …

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The Croquette is chic at the Croquetten Boutique

Croquette Boutique Explore Utrecht 1

The croquette might be the Netherlands’ most famous snack. Everyone has ordered one at the snackbar after an evening of partying once in their life. Fastfood is in! After the burger, fries and the hotdog, it’s now the croquette’s time to shine. No more pulling your croquette out of the wall Recently you can find the ‘de Croquetten Boutique’ on …

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What have you got Instock for me?

Instock Explore Utrecht 3

Well, a delicious and fair menu. The food and the drink menus are both good! And the building on the Vleutenseweg is a sight for sore eyes, but let’s not forget the terrace. A real ‘hidden gem’! Calm, green, but mostly cosy. Instock from pop-up to hotspot Instock is a concept that began in the capital, first as a pop-up …

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Dinner in Motion: a visual and culinary delight!

Dinner in Motion Explore Utrecht 2

When we were invited to have a look at Dinner in Motion, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. ‘The most special restaurant in the Netherlands’, I read on their website. That promise definitely rang true! Read on to discover how special it truly was. But before we could experience Dinner in Motion, we’d had to get there first! With …

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Miyagi & Jones – new spot in Utrecht West

Miyagi & Jones Explore Utrecht 2

I’ve lived in the city center of Utrecht for years now, surrounded by restaurants and cafés, so I’ve got plenty of choices for a night out. Outside of the center, I have a number of favourites that I go to once in a while for a bite with friends. And I was recently able to add the new Miyagi & …

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Dining in prison on the Wolvenplein

De Lik Wolvenplein Explore Utrecht 4

De Vrije Wolf, the former prison on the Wolvenplein, is now a breeding ground for creativity and cool initiatives, ranging from art exhibitions to the escape room ‘Gajes in de Bajes’. The most recent creative experiment is pop-up restaurant ‘De Lik‘.  The restaurant is an initiative from the catering company Bakx & Meijer. With their team, they’re organising monthly 5-course dinners in …

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Eastern delights at Restaurant Badhu

Restaurant Badhu Explore Utrecht 1

Badhu, as its name already hints at, is located in a former bath house on Willem van Noortplein. The bath house where people used to go to take care of their hygiene has definitely found another calling, but it stills fulfills a social function. In the old waiting rooms of Restaurant Badhu – men to the left and women to …

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Héron: the interesting newcomer in a hidden place

Heron Petit Restaurant Explore Utrecht 9

Héron Petit Restaurant is brand new and on the other hand, not new at all. You might have heard of it already and who knows, you might have already eaten there as well. The past two summers Héron was a pop-up restaurant. It was a great succes, so now the two culinary geniuses behind Héron are starting out, for real. …

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De Hoefslag, a hidden gem in Bosch and Duin

Explore Utrecht Hoefslag 9

Hop on the train to Den Dolder, it is just 13 minutes away from Utrecht central station. Then you walk along the green overgrown lane; when you pass by the beautiful houses and hear the birds sing, you’ll see de Hoefslag at the end of the path. You’ll find yourself on holiday while on this strole. Get yourself away from …

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