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The Stijl cycle route from Utrecht to Amersfoort

Sportief Amersfoort Explore Utrecht-7

Cycling from Utrecht to Amersfoort is an experience. The 20 km long Stijl cycle route from Amersfoort to Utrecht takes you past works of art, country houses and through the Soester woods, ending on the station square of Amersfoort. This is where the second part of this active adventure to discover Amersfoort begins. I’ll take you with me!

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5 free to do’s in Utrecht (yes, it is possible!)


Did someone say free? Yes, they did! There are a lot of fun things to do in Utrecht that don’t cost anything at all. You read it well: free and for free. In this blog you will find 5 free to do’s in Utrecht.   Skate Parade Utrecht  During the Utrecht Skate Parade you can skate through the city centre of …

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Discovering art & food in Amersfoort

Mondriaan Tour Amersfoort Explore Utrecht 3

We were recently invited to take part in an art tour of Amersfoort to celebrate 100 years of De Stijl and get to know the city from a new perspective. With the promise of art and food, how could we resist?! Filling up Of course, we needed sustenance to really appreciate all of the art, so we started off with breakfast at …

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The Snorfabriek – the new cultural hotspot in the Daalsebuurt

Snorfabriek Explore Utrecht 6

Soon you’ll be able to get your creativity flowing in the Daalsebuurt! Bookpublisher Snor will open the Snorfabriek in the old NS depot on the 2e Daalsedijk. From the 13th of November you’re more than welcome to visit for good food, drinks, workshops, expo’s, art, lectures and music. A meeting place for the neighborhood, Utrecht and anything beyond it.   …

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Hidden stories in Utrecht’s corners #1

The caryatides* of Winkel van Sinkel There are no eyes able to miss the impressive picture they compose. I’m talking about that four iron women who support the weight of the Winkel van Sinkel building over their heads, while watching stoically the Oudegracht. These iron quadruplets arrived to Utrecht from England in 1837. They had been built under the assignment …

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Street Art In Utrecht

Walking through Utrecht, you will always stumble upon something very surprising. During my search for new shops, restaurants and other secret hotspots I come across some great street art works. Two I especially want to share with you, because I think they are very inspiring. The street art works you find in Utrecht are from local foundations looking for ways to …

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