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Estates, castles and monasteries in Utrecht and surroundings

Kasteel de Haar Visit Utrecht Region Explore Utrecht-16

The Province of Utrecht has many beautiful estates, castles and monasteries located in or near beautiful nature reserves that are a must visit. Some of these historic buildings are fully furnished in the atmosphere of the past. Others have been converted into beautiful restaurants or hotels. The estates, castles and monastery were of royal, noble or ecclesiastical ownership. Even wealthy …

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The castles of Utrecht

It’s time for a small lesson in history! You wouldn’t have guessed, but Utrecht is full of castles. In fact, most of the buildings at Oudegracht are castles! The nowadays restaurant Oudaen is, as you may know, and many, many more. Fresenburgh for example, is the building at Oudegracht where you can find Hollister. The Zara store at Utrecht’s shopping …

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