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Rotsoord revived! New dynamic on a former industry terrain

If on a random summer evening you take a walk through Rotsoord, the former industry terrain along the Vaartsche (or Vaartse) Rijn in Utrecht South, you’ll be amazed by the liveliness that’s currently around the area. A crowd in front of the door at pop podium De Helling and well-filled terraces at restaurant LE:EN, Klein Berlijn, Café Brutal, and De …

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Spanish atmosphere at Heuveloord

Cafe Brutal Explore Utrecht 5

Heuveloord and Rotsoord keeps surprising us with cool new spots. We’re starting off 2017 well with the new Cafe Brutal, located under the water tower on the Vaartsche Rijn. By now the restaurant WT Urban Kitchen has reached ‘rockstar status’, but not everyone knew about the cosy cafe under it. But that’ll change this year, because Cafe Brutal just opened …

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Chad Davies introduces Cafe Brutal

Lovers of food and drink, rejoice! Utrecht has just welcomed a new addition to its list of hotspots: Cafe Brutal. Located right on the water at the popular Rotsoord – home to WT Urban Kitchen and Klein Berlijn, among others – Cafe Brutal is serving up Spanish wines and bites for super affordable prices. Chad Davies is the initiator behind Cafe Brutal & …

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