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Hidden stories in Utrecht’s corners #1

The caryatides* of Winkel van Sinkel There are no eyes able to miss the impressive picture they compose. I’m talking about that four iron women who support the weight of the Winkel van Sinkel building over their heads, while watching stoically the Oudegracht. These iron quadruplets arrived to Utrecht from England in 1837. They had been built under the assignment …

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The castles of Utrecht

It’s time for a small lesson in history! You wouldn’t have guessed, but Utrecht is full of castles. In fact, most of the buildings at Oudegracht are castles! The nowadays restaurant Oudaen is, as you may know, and many, many more. Fresenburgh for example, is the building at Oudegracht where you can find Hollister. The Zara store at Utrecht’s shopping …

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