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Studio Jux Twijnstraat | good for the buyer and maker

Located at the Twijnstraat, close to Ledig Erf you will find Studio Jux. I was a fan of the shop straight away: clothes in the store are from excellent quality. The style is minimalistic and the fabrics are simple but with nice patterns. The name ‘Jux’ has been chosen very carefully, it means ‘fun’ in German. The cloths are not only nice to buy and wear but also made in a sustainable way.

Studio Jux clothesline

In the store you will find brands like ‘Kings of Indigo’ and ‘Beaumont’ but also Jux has its own clothing line. The founder of Studio Jux, Jitske Lundgneu, opened her factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Two years ago she opened her first store in Amsterdam and after that Utrecht was the lucky city for a second Studio Jux location. It struck my eyes that inside in the cloths there is a label with a number on it. Antonina, the store manager of Studio Jux, tells me that this number refers to the maker of the item. She gives me the matching card and I look straight into the eyes of Baburam Damai. On the back, I read that Baburam Damai is responsible for all technical issues in the factory and that he is a real family man. He has five daughters and four grandchildren with whom he spends all his spare time.

Sustainability has a price

Between the clothes are sturdy bags and in the shop, you can also find shoes and jewelry. You will not find anything with a price tag of 10 euro or trousers for 30 euros like in fast fashion shops. Sustainability comes with a price. On average nice jumper, trousers would be about 100 euros. But in any case, you will leave the store with a nice item of quality and boot a good feeling. Students are lucky, they get a 10% discount.


Studio Jux is not only about clothes, the store holds an extended collection. You will find great interior items such as candles and pillows. Delicious and organic beauty products such as shampoos, body lotions, oils, and facial creams. The interior items are reasonably priced; a small candle is 6,95 and a large one 13,95. And these smell heavenly!

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Bijdrage door Sharmaine

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