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Stathe Live Sessies Woensdagavond Explore Utrecht 2

Stathe Live Sessions

Stathe Sessions – living-room concerts on Wednesday evening

Since a year and a half now you can drink beer at the bar whilst enjoying a board with snacks, listen to live music and dance to the tunes of the DJ at café Stathe, formerly know as café Flitz. But there is more. In addition to live music on weekends you can visit the special sessions every other week on Wednesday.

5 questions to Robin Rump, programmer at Stathe

“Twice a month Stathe organizes evening live sessions on Wednesday. On these evenings you can see fairly undiscovered bands, but more and more famous bands, in an intimate setting at an affordable price. The price of the session depends on the band, but ranges from about 3 to 8 euros. ”

“Different types of bands and different genres. I program quite diverse. The bands can come from anywhere, for example, there are two Belgian bands and a band from Estonia that performed at Stathe. I’m looking to find good music, and that may actually be in any genre. The quality of the Wednesday night performances are much higher than on the Friday or Saturday night, because on a Wednesday night people especially come to Stathe for excellent music performances and not so much for entertainment”

‘’You can compare the sessions with a living-room concert”

Stathe Live Sessies Woensdagavond Explore Utrecht 2

“On Wednesday night there isn’t much to do in Utrecht. But from Thursday onward there are several performances all throughout the city at different venues. We want to offer the public, one evening a week where you can enjoy good live sessions in an intimate setting. We call it ‘sessions’ because it’s more intimate than a performance. The artist and audience have more interaction. Sometime between songs, artists and audience talk to each other, its more like a private concert. That’s why we compare the live sessions to a living-room concert.”

“We encourage the bands to do something they haven’t done before or normaly wouldn’t do, such as semi-akoetic sessions. They perform in a small venue, this also makes it very intimate. It’s always very quiet people really want to hear the music and that focus contributes to the special atmosphere. It’s a different vibe than what you will experience attending a concert. For the Stathe Session there are only 80 tickets available, this is to keep it exclusive and small. During the weekend we have twice as much people visiting performances so you can imagine the difference.”

“Twice a month on a Wednesday evening.
Time: 21:30 – Price: 4 euro
Check the evenement on Facebook or on Stathe.nl.

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