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STACH from Amsterdam to Utrecht

After Yoepz, Spaghetteria and SLA, it is STACH that is getting ready to charm Utrecht. STACH, the famous convenience store from Amsterdam, opens three stores in our home town. Yes, you read that right! STACH has big plans for Utrecht. The first store is on to the Choorstraat, in the city center for all hasty shoppers. The second branch opens on the Twijnstraat, the oldest street of Utrecht, for the trendy yuppies and students. I’m hearing rumors of a third branch, located at Biltstraat 59. Uhm!

For those who are wondering what STACH offers, here a brief introduction: STACH is a food store with very high quality products. The range consists of meals, salads, soups, pastas and pizzas. STACH offers healthy breakfast and lunch options, snacks and take-away coffee. It’s all about fresh and easy meal options for the ‘ I’m so busy ‘ city peeps. (Oops, guilty)

The branch on the Choorstraat has a cosy loft where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a view of the old Canal and the DOM Tower. It is a great place to unwind from a day of shopping or, after enjoying your meal, to work. The opening hours are extensive and run from 8.00 to 21.00.

What you should pick up at STACH? I don’t know yet but I will find out soon enough! Because a few metres away from my house, the first branch opened up, in the corner building on the Choorstraat. During  the opening party I saw a lot of goodies. So recommendations follow soon. You may of course note recommendations for me in the comments. Would be great and useful! (Because I’m  incredibly busy;-))

Opening hours:
monday – saturday 08.00 – 21:00
sunday 10.00 – 19.00

Address: Choorstraat 42

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