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Ritos: trendy sushi bowls & burritos

If you ever just drool over pictures of food on social media (guilty as charged), then you’ll already be familiar with one of the latest food trends to hit Utrecht: sushi bowls and burritos (aka sushiritos). We decided it was time to put this trend to the test, so we headed to Ritos, right in the heart of city, for some Mexican-Japanese fusion.

Something unusual 

I’m not going to lie to you: although I’m a fan of sushi and sushi bowls, I was fairly sceptical about throwing a Mexican twist into the mix. I imagined a weird clash of cheese, guacamole, and raw tuna, and chomping through endless amounts of rice and nori to get to the centre of the burrito. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I thoroughly enjoyed the combinations!

Taste test

First, we tested out some appetizers: the green gyozas and the shrimp tempura, both of which went down a treat. We concurred that the gyozas had the perfect stuffing to pastry ratio, with a nice crisp outer later.

As mains, we grabbed the Crunchy Sumo sushirito, the Salmon Shake sushirito, and the Avocado Frenzy sushi bowl. I loved the Crunchy Sumo (filled with tempura shrimp) in particular – it was generously filled and full of flavour, with still-warm tempura. Scrumptious! The Avocado Frenzy sushi bowl was also a big hit, with a whole avocado, tons of fresh veggies, perfectly cooked sushi rice, and some pickled Japanese radish for extra kick.

The verdict

Everything we tried was tasty and fresh, and we all agreed that the portions were quite generous for the price. Definitely recommended! So next time you can’t be bothered to cook, take out or order in some Ritos! Besides the sushiritos and sushi bowls, they’ve also got burritos, burrito bowls, and hand rolls. You can even order nachos to enjoy on the couch with some Netflix and wine… just sayin’.

Potterstraat 8 | ritosnerland.com | Facebook

Mon-Sat 11.00-22.00, Sun 12.00-22.00

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Sophie is a freelance editor with a master's in Media Studies. She hails from Toronto but has lived in Groningen, Leiden, and The Hague, and now happily calls Utrecht home. Besides eating, thinking about eating, and buying & making food, her hobbies include travel and writing. Her idea of the perfect day in Utrecht includes a lot of coffee, a friend or four, copious amounts of pastries, and a stroll around the city's gorgeous streets and canals – all topped off, naturally, with drinks on a terrace. Surprisingly knowledgeable about kaasstengels.

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