Restaurant Wish list 2015

It’s a New Year, time for the 2015 wish-list, to try out new great restaurants. I mixed some old favorites with new restaurants and suggestions from readers. If you have a great suggestion for me or the City Experts for 2015, please do let us know. We are always eager to visit new and old hotspots, it may be an award-winning restaurant or an old cafe in a narrow alley with a special dish. But for now..

Oeps! Restaurant De Goedheyd was also on my 2014 wish-list but I just didn’t have enough time to get around to dining at this lovely restaurant. Luckily city expert Lotte did and wrote a review for us.

Restaurant Zuiver is city expert Samantha’s favorite restaurant. Because she talks about it so passionately every time we talk food I had to put it on my wish-list for 2015. You can read the review on restaurant Zuiver here!

Ooh ooh, I have read so many great reviews on Podium onder de Dom that I almost ran to the restaurant for a visit unfortunately a shopping session or two got in the way 😉

Simple is not so simple after all! I see beautiful creations on the restaurant facebook page that make my taste-buts jump.

C’est ca was a recommendation for the 2014 wish-list and I decided to add it to the new list for 2015.

Aan Tafel, another restaurant I keep hearing and seeing so much of on the social media. Was also recommended by a true foodie so lets hope I get to visit this year.

Florent just opened its doors a few months ago. I loved Luce so I will need to go and discover this new restaurant for sure. Also its just around the corner from my house. Shame on me I guess.

Cafe-Restaurant Artz is a cute France restaurant, people keep recommending me so on the wish-list it goes.

Elvi is my favorite restaurant and it’s a promise that I go at least once a year to enjoy great cuisine at a reasonable price. Its like coming home such a lovely place to dine. Read my review on Elvi and about the BIB award 2014.

Jasmijn en ik has always been on my list but I always seem to forget about the restaurant. One of my best friends only lived a few blocks away still we never booked a table to taste the Asian cuisine. This year I definitely will!

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