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Be enchanted at Restaurant HEX in Oudewater

Restaurant HEX in Oudewater is located in a monumental building on the Markt Oostzijde. The building went through a real transformation and has been transformed by Piet Boon into a beautiful restaurant. The menu at restaurant HEX is inspired by various international cuisines. On the menu you will find worldly dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients.

Mesmerizing interior

After a whole day at Oudewater it was time to dine. I have been looking forward to dinner at the beautiful HEX for a while. Not because of the food, because we have not tasted it yet. But after some desk research, I fell in love with the beautiful interior. And so Restaurant HEX ended at the top of the ‘to visit’ list!

Owner and chef Annemiek received us and told us enthusiastically about her restaurant. Interior wizz Piet Boon got a free hand and has certainly left his magical stamp behind in the styling of the building. The design of the restaurant is in complete harmony with the property. Everything is right down to the small details. The two separate rooms are connected to each other: a gradual transition from inside out. The restaurant seats up to 70 guests.

Coffee, lunch and dinner

Restaurant HEX opens doors at 10.00 for a good cup of coffee with beans by Man met Bril. You can order snacks or cake as well. The best apple pie comes from Bakker Stijnman. Unfortunately we did not taste this ourselves, but this is on the list for a next visit.

The menu is not extensive but offers enough choice for everyone. You can choose steak, fish and vegetarian. A number of dishes are prepared in the Josper grill. Like the cauliflower steak with Argentinian Chimichurri, grilled romaine lettuce and lime. My friend Anna, who went to the tasting with me, thought it was a tasty and surprising dish for vegans. I chose the red mullet with mussels from the Josper, couscous with sour bomb and coconut foam from sereh. A dish full of pure flavors, where the preparation in the Josper grill has not influenced the flavors. Loved it!

Of course, we also tasted two starters at restaurant HEX. A gazpacho with separate combinations of cold tomato soup with cucumber and watermelon. And tartar of red, yellow beet, buffalo mayonnaise and brioche rock with algae powder. Unfortunately, we had to skip the dessert. But the more reason to return to restaurant HEX for a nice evening in beautiful surroundings.

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