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Dining at restaurant Florent

You know those hidden gems you pass by, and the feeling of curiosity and interest are taking over, and your gut tells you that you need to explore this curiosity?
Well this is what happened to me when I drove by Florent every now and then accidently. For some reason every time I drove by I was drawn to the not so obvious location and somewhat mystical look and feel of the property. The date was finally set; yours truly and the boyfriend were invited to a culinary night for two.

Let the evening begin

Upon arrival at this by origin Belgian/French restaurant, we are welcomed by the friendly host and I can see that the place is quite full already. My first impression: a good atmosphere and diversity of guests — which makes Florent a place to go to with friends for long dinner nights, or a romantic night out with your loved one.

Our evening starts with a personal welcome note on the table and a glass of sparkling wine. Cheers! I decide to choose from the menu, and the BF wants his menu to be a surprise. The perfect combination if I say so! Our first surprise is a house aperitif; a little snack that is usually being served with afternoon drinks, called flammkuchen. This new version of a super thin pizza is richly filled with pancetta, red onion, Gruyère, crème fraîche and parsley. A portion of flavorful and generously filled super tasty flammkuchen is the beginning of an evening full of goodness.

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Dinner at Florent

For the first course I choose the lentil salad with poached egg, crostini, mushroom tapenade and truffle mayonnaise. And I can only say this: it’s soo yummy! The mushroom tapenade on a crostini provides a surprising taste you that you want to just lick off your fingers!

Then it’s time for the main course: bavette, cauliflower cream, fried sprout, pommes carrées with red wine sauce. To be honest, I am not huge on meat, but the description of this dish arouses my interest. Did you know it comes from the so-called ‘catch’ (a work piece of meat at the bottom of the cow)? Since it has worked hard, this cut has a slightly coarser texture, but more flavor. You just need to chew a bit harder.

My first bite confirms it all: a delicious piece of tender meat, which rolls over your tongue in combination with spray cream and fried sprouts, creating the perfect bite and again a surprising combination. And even if you are not a sprout lover…. believe me this dish will make your mouth dance.

In the meantime, we are being well treated during each course, and being served a delicious glass of wine suitable with every entree. With full attention we listen to our lovely host talking about the heritage of the wines, and continue our culinary evening with big smiles on our faces. And I must say, a huge plus for the next day was that there was no hangover!

And then the dessert: a divine plateau of chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and more chocolate… I believe.. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter; the chocoholic in me is being well treated and stuffed with all this deliciousness.

Satisfied we look back on a great evening and cannot say anything other than: Florent salut!

Review written by: Sanela Kaknjo
Photo’s restaurant:  Susanne Sterkenburg

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