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I have been meaning to write a review of my favorite restaurant for a while now. It is very tempting to keep it a secret but at Explore Utrecht we are all about sharing so today I will tell you why I love having dinner at Restaurant Elvi. Elvi is located  outside of the city center but in a very trendy and sophisticated neighbourhood in Utrecht. The North part of the city is becoming very trendy among foodies because of the restaurants, bars and lunchrooms that are opening in this part of town. You will find Restaurant Elvi on the Jan van Scorelstraat just a few minutes from Whilemina park.

The owners Victor and Elvira (ElVi) started their adventure six years ago and business is now booming. Their passion for the restaurant shows in the excellent costumer service, hospitality and good quality food. ElVi has a very warm and inviting look and feel but has a very contemporary design. It is like dining at home, the atmosphere is very relaxed and guests as well as the staff are very down to earth.

Immediately when you walk in you are greeted by a very friendly hostess. She will take your coat and guide you to the table for the evening. This is when your excellent dining experience starts! At Elvi they cook with seasonal and local produce only. You can choose a three course meal or you can order dishes from the menu. The menu is very simple, no fuss just good food prepared with great passion for parring flavors and eye for detail. You can expect excellent wine suggestions from your hostess that will complement your dish.

Somehow I always end up ordering the steak, which your knife cutes through like butter and every single bite is tasteful. They always surprise you with a great appetizer be it a risotto (bitter) ball or a bliny. For the first time ever I had asparagus soup and I loved it. Now I must say I’m a bit afraid to order asparagus soup at other restaurants. What if…! I have to apologize for not having a picture of dessert it was gone within a couple of minutes. Sticky caramel pudding, one of my favorites to order at Elvi.

Address: Jan van Scorelstraat 21 – 23

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