Restaurant BIS

Restaurant the Bis has been on my to visit list for a few years. I’ve heard about the restaurant many times. First I didn’t notice that it’s was located nearby my favorite bakery in the city centre of Utrecht. If you don’t look for it, you wouldn’t find it.

Bis is located across the excellent (my favorite) Bakery Bond & Smolders on the Lijnmarkt. The building where it’s located, is old, urban and small. If you are standing outside you will may think that you’re at a simple restaurant. But it’s everything but that!

The Restaurant week was the perfect opportunity to try this nice restaurant. (The prices are slightly higher than other restaurants that I usually visit) . The interior of the restaurant is simple with bright colors. At the back, on a table next to the window you have a great view over the canal. A place I definitely want to sit next time.

During the restaurantweek you can dine at different restaurants in different cities. The standard in this week is a 3 course menu of the chef. If you like, you can upgrade your diner with 2 courses. Something I couldn’t refuse (off course!). Especially when I heard about the opportunity to order an extra course, like Coquille and bacon. I made the right choice! The flavors, the texture, oh there were melting on my tong! I could eat a dozen of them. The presentation was simple and the flavors were perfect. The wine made it complete.

We chose for matching wine at every course, which were recommended by the crew. My favourite wine was the Argetine. This one was served with the main course; Black Angus beef with veggies. It was a nice full red wine, with a spicey accent, which really was in balance with the main course.

Bis is all about flavors. Pure flavors, as it is meant to be. No difficult presentations, it’s all about the product. Besides a lovely diner, you can have a lunch or a high tea as well. So many reasons to visit Bis!

Hint: When you want to go to the Bis during restaurantweek? Keep an eye on the site and book a table on time. 

The menu of the chef at BIS:

1st course: Grilled tuna with raw tuna puree, and other great components.

2 nd course: Coquille with bacon

3 th course: Black Angus beef with veggies

4th course: Desert, cheesecake

Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam

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