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Beers & Barrels at the Utrecht Harbour

I ate my first oyster at Harbour, with a glass of sparkling wine on the side. It was a beautiful location back then. A spacious, open building with a view on the water. But now, restaurant Harbour is no longer there, instead the owners havere-designed into a new Beers & Barrels. And what a surprise! Out with the fish and seafood, and in with the bold meat dishes and robust beers.

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Surprising new Interior 

The rebuilding has been taken seriously and the restaurant got a totally new look and feel. New furnishing, a new look and a whole new first floor added. Now you can enjoy the view over the entire harbour, ’cause of the clever layout. The draft tables have been installed, and you might recognize them from the other location at Oude Gracht. The first floor is divided into several compartments that are separated by glass walls, so everything stays open and light. The perfect place for a party! We at Explore Utrecht do not mind that at all.

The whole restaurant has awesome hand painted murals. Very bold pictures in bright colors. The painter is a tattoo artist and you can see this from the style of the murals. The dj-booth is ready for some vinyl, the benches along the walls are ready. Do you see yourself here on a lazy sunday? Are you getting curious?

Lunch at Beers & Barrels at the Harbour

We were not able to try something from their menu, but the greeneggs in the newly build kitchen, are ready to go. That sounds promising! The pipes filled with beer are crossing the whole venue, so that’s also settled. Besides getting a drink and having dinner in the evening, you can also stop by at Beers & Barrels at the Harbour —which is different from the first location at Oude Gracht, that only offers dinner and drinks.

One of the owners has made us very enthusiastic with his own enthusiasm and promises us a sunlit terrace, a good vibe and insured us that the new restaurant is a great addition to the neighborhood. I think so as well! But we will test the new Beers & Barrels at the Harbour soon enough. 

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Photo’s by Robert van Walsem

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