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Pluk de Nacht | Watching movies in the open air

Vrijhaven is the setting for the 5th edition of the open air movie festival Pluk de Nacht in Utrecht

Watching movies in the open air, we love it! And we are happy, because time has almost come: on wednesday the 1st of August Pluk the Nacht festival will reach  Utrecht. That means four nights of watching movies at Vrijhaven!

Movies, movies, movies

On Wednesday, the festival will open with the Danish movie about a teenage mother to be and all the troubles this situation causes. Afterwards the long movie there will be a surprise short movie. The theme? It is a secret to be revealed soon. This is the start of five nights of crazy fun at Pluk de Nacht. On Thursday, the popular Shorts Night, an evening full of the nicest, best and most bizarre short films is on the program. This years Short Nights will be about being young and the journey youngsters go through.  On other days there are also short and long, national and international films and documentaries that have not yet been released in theaters. Check the full program.

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But there is more to it then just movies. You can also find art, food, drinks and parties. There will by enough options for eating and drinking too, with several food truck on the grounds of Vrijhaven.

Nijverheidsweg 4 | opent 17.00| free | plukdenacht.nl

About Christine van den Brink

Christine, born and raised in Utrecht, works as a freelance editor and loves writing about traveling. A job that suites her perfectly because she loves to travel and write. She calls Utrecht her home, because it is a good place to come home to after traveling. Christine likes to explore the city as well since it's getting more and more vibrant each day. Living on the booming Westerkade with all its temptations is a big plus. There is enough to explore; different restaurants, shops and new hotspots popping up everywhere. She loves food, shopping, festivals and movies. Now and then she helps out in her father's shop, Catch on the Domstraat, famous for its portraits and posters of Utrecht. For Explore Utrecht Christine will keep an eye out on all the cool happenings in the city from shop openings to awesome parties.

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