Plons! Hier kun je zwemmen in natuurwater in Utrecht

Yes, it’s summer! That means that with a bit of luck we can swim outside. Of course you can take a splash in the outdoor pool to cool off. But there are a lot of beautiful places where you can swim in natural water in Utrecht. 

Maarsseveense plassen

If you live in Utrecht, there is a good chance that you will regularly be found at the Maarsseveense ponds in the summer. Also with kids this is a must, because besides that you can swim in natural water there is also a play island. This is just as much fun for the older children among us (guilty!).

The beach is not free, but it isn’t overly expensive. You pay €5 for a day ticket and children under the age of 11 pay €3. Besides swimming you can also go surfing, sailing and fishing.

Address Maarsseveense Plassen
Herenweg 53
3602 AN Maarssen
Phone-number: 030-2610186


The Honswijkerplas is, as the name suggests, a puddle. No large beach, but certainly no less fun. Maybe more fun!  Moreover, you can swim for free and enjoy a nice walk. You can even barbecue there, but only on gras. Or you can take a well-stocked picnic basket with you. Also very nice!

Address Honswijkerplas
Tull en ‘t Waal

Down Under

Is a trip to Australia not possible this year? Fortunately, you can also enjoy the natural water in Utrecht. Wakeboarding, Waterskiing or paddling: it’s all possible Down Under. The hotspot for all water sports enthusiasts and water rats. Of course, all that fun has a price tag, but don’t forget to check out the site for more information. If you come alone for the beach you pay €4 euros and the little ones (t / m 5 years) pay €2.50 euros.

Address Down Under
Ravensewetering 1
3439 ZZ Nieuwegein
Telefoonnummer: 030 287 7777

Are you looking for even more great places to swim in natural water in Utrecht? Read our blog about swimming in natural water in the Utrecht region.

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