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Out for dinner this Christmas? – 8x restaurants in Utrecht

Eating out with Christmas is a treat! Restaurants serve a festive 3, 4 or 5 course menu. And the Christmas decoration gives a magical atmosphere. The days are passing by very fast and before you know it it’s Christmas. So now is the time to book a table. But which restaurants are open on Christmas Eve, 1st or 2nd Christmas day? I’ve sorted that out for you! Now all you have to do is book a table for a wonderful Christmas dinner.

8x restaurants where you can still book a table

You can book a table on the Bookdinners website: the new restaurant platform in the Netherlands that introduces a personal way of discovering restaurants. Want to know more about Bookdinner? You can read more about it in my previous article in which I introduced Bookdinners. On Bookdinners you can make a profil and follow my restaurant tips.

Restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve, 1ste and or 2nd day of Christmas


No plans for second day of Christmas? FICO offers dishes from all over the world, with complementary wines. The interior of the restaurants is gorgeous and will surely add a special touch to a festive evening. FICO still has a few tables available for an exclusive evening out. The restaurant serves a seven course chefs dinner for €72,5 per person

Book a table at FICO


One of my new favourite restaurants in Utrecht! Dinner on Christmas will be a special event at Noir. Enjoy French dishes in a jazzy atmosfeer. Noir is open on Christmas Eve and the first Christmas day.

Book a table at Noir

Restaurant Concours

Concours is a hidden gem located on the Biltstraat! The restaurant cooks with seasonal products, that give the dishes a pure flavorful sensation. Let the crew advise you on a good glass of wine for the evening. Concours is open on Christmas Eve and 2nd Christmas day.

Book a table at Concours

Keuken van Gastmaal

Another good recommendation located on the Biltstraat! De Keuken van Gastmaal is open on the second Christmas day. Especially for Christmas the most ordered dishes of the past seven years will be on the menu.

Book a table at Keuken van Gastmaal

Miyagi & Jones

Don’t want any push? But you do feel like a nice evening out. What about an evening of shared dinning with cocktails? Sounds good? Miyagi & Jones is the place to be for a relaxed Christmas dinner.

Book a table at Miyagi & Jones


Stop food waste and save food at Instock! In December, they serve an extra festive menu, consisting of four delicious dishes, all made from ‘saved’ food. On the first and second Christmas day Instock serves a special culinary and circular Christmas menu. Be a food hero and book a table at Instock!

Book a table at Instock

De Utrechter

De Utrechter is a brasserie and bar in the center of Utrecht. Meet up with a few friends for a nice Christmas dinner, on a central location. On the 1st and 2nd Christmas day the restaurant will reserve a flamboyant Christmas brunch from 11.00 to 15.00. And in the evening a festive 4-course dinner is served.

Book a table at De Utrechter


ElVi is one of my favourites as well. I love the restaurant to celebrate a special happening with a lovely dinner. The lovely and welcoming crew, good food and great wines make it one of the finest restaurants in Utrecht. Second Christmas day is full booked unfortunately. So be on time to book a table on first Christmas day.

Book a table at ElVi

This article was written with Bookdinners.
Foto’s FICO Lars Verkroost | Foto’s Concours Susanne Sterkenburg

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