O-Café on the Weerdsingel

O-Utrecht, the advertising agency of Utrecht, embarked on a new adventure a couple of weeks ago. O-Utrecht opened O-Café on the corner of Weerdsingel and the Amsterdamsestraatweg. A perfect location if you might be heading to the Amsterdamsestraatweg and further or if you are looking for a great spot not far from the city centre. O-Café is much like freelance (blogger) heaven, you have free wifi and good coffee from Moyee. But also tasty sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies and juices. The bread comes from VROEG and is baked throughout the day. If you drop by early in the morning you can take home fresh baked bread. O-Café only sells local organic products and has a shop for sustainable brands / fair fashion. During your break you can shop for interior items, gifts and more.

The atmosphere at O-Café is very laid-back and creative as it is part of a communication agency so this is excepted. You can sit on the long bench with pillows, plugin your laptop and hang all day. You can also choose to work at the bar. I could only stay for a while and ordered a late and O koek (cookie). The cream was perfect and the cookie was the healthy kind, so no quilt trip. O-Café is perfect for a short stop but next time I will plugin my laptop as well.

Address: Weerdsingel WZ 8

Google map here!

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