Nordic Delight brings Scandinavia to Utrecht!

There will be a Scandinavian party in Utrecht. Called the Nordic Delight Festival. Scandinavia, both historically and culturally, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, are being put into the spotlight since the first edition in March 2013. High-profile musical acts, special short films and good food are the main ingredients of this innovative initiative of ‘ founding fathers ‘ Arne Dee and Ad Pontier. On September 26th there will be a new edition at EKKO, the theme this time a Norwegian Night.

I was unaware of the growing interest in Scandinavia and all it has to offer until I got an invitation from the English to write an article on the upcoming edition of the Nordic Delight Festival in Utrecht. During my desk research I found out that reports from Utrecht are being done about Scandinavian art and culture. The platform has been publishing news about film, music, visual art as well as design and fashion from & travel to the high North since 2011.

The Norwegian Night in EKKO promises to be a special night. As one of the most promising Scandinavian artists of the moment, for example, the young and eccentric Emilie Nicolas will be performing. Within two years she went from music student to pop idol in her own country (Norway) and is about to release het debut album in the UK. After viewing one of her live shows at the Øyafestivalen in Oslo I instantly became a fan. Enchantingly beautiful at times, as in the ecstatic Pstereo!

Next to Nicolas the lineup consists of promising singer songwriter Fay Wildhagen and her band, that play lively folk, rock music. Bloody Beach, a band of five, play what they call ‘tropidelica’, a colorful and warm cocktail of rock, psychedelica, dub, afro beat, disco, punk, reggae and pop. But there is more! Such as a selection of short films by Norwegian filmmakers and an extensive Norwegian Dinner! Enough reason to join the Nordic Delight Festival and get a taste of Scandinavia, in particular Norway. Enjoy. Or as the Norwegian say.. nyte!

Nordic Delight | location EKKO – Bemuurde Weerd WZ3 | tickets €12,50 or € 25,00 incl. Norwegian Dinner | starts at 19:30 (open 17:30) | E

Contribution by – Maurice Hengeveld – writer-editor-journalist.

Header by Nordic Delight

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