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Noir French culinary enjoyment in Utrecht

Restaurant Noir is located at the old location of restaurant Simple., It is the new discovery in Utrecht. Noir opened its doors during the extraordinarily warm summer in the Netherlands. So probably you have missed it because we were all hastily looking for spots to cool off. And cool is not what Noir is serving of its menu. I can tell you that your body temperature goes up a notch when tasting the delicious distillates. And we haven’t even discussed the dishes on the menu yet.

To eat is human, at well is divine

French Ambiance

An evening of French culinary pampering with fantastic wines, distillates and beers? Restaurant Noir is the right place at be. I have visited the restaurant a number of times and wanted to keep it to myself. But I could not turn down an invitation through Explore Utrecht. And so I am happy to write a piece about one of my most recent favorite restaurants in Utrecht.

As soon as you have passed the threshold of the restaurant you will feel like you are in a Parisian  jazz bar. A beautiful black piano and a cognac colored armchair are shining at the entrance. And an enthusiastic host with a big smile welcomes you and guides you to a table. Take the time to look around because the small restaurant will amaze you.

Bar or a table?

On the menu you will find a selection of small and large dishes inspired by French cuisine. The small dishes are great for an evening at the bar. The bar also offers a good view of all wines and unique distilleries that you can order. Little knowledge of drinks? It is also not necessary to have any at all. Tell the host your preferences and he will conjure up a well-fitting drink. You just have to enjoy!

In the restaurant area you can order a selection of dishes. Set up your course menu yourself or be advised by the crew. What do you think of grilled sea bass? Or long-cooked prok belly? If you prefer something completely different, order the charred leek with hazelnut and beurre noisette. This dish has surprised us very much! Of course you cannot leave the restaurant without having enjoyed a dessert. These too are inspired by French cuisine but with a modern twist. Or not! But definitely worth ordering. As you have noticed, I have omitted a description of the dishes I have tasted. Because Noir must be experienced! An evening Noir will stimulate your senses.

Book a table at Noir | Lange Nieuwstraat 88 | noirutrecht.nl

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