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Mr. Black Explore Utrecht -14

Mr Black and the White Ox – lunch & dinner at the former Douwe Egberts HQ

A new hotspot has recently opened in the smoke of the Douwe Egberts factory: Mr Black and the White Ox! Maybe I should say two hotspots in one? The restaurant Mr Black refers to black coffee and is the front of the building, a more relaxed part. Here you drink (as the name suggests) the tastiest coffee and share small dishes.

Restaurant The White Ox refers to the grocery store of Egberts Douwes ‘de Witte Os’, formerly crammed with coffee, tea, chocolate, liquorice, anise and spices. The restaurant is bringing back those old days! The White Ox is the somewhat quieter and more luxurious sister of Mr Black. Here you can enjoy a extended dinner with surprising dishes.

Lunch tasting

We were invited to come and taste the lunch at Mr Black. The lunch menu is filled with interesting flavor combinations and lots of choice for both the vegetarian and meat-eating guests. We chose the Porchetta sandwich, the poached egg with halloumi and beet hummus and a portion of sweet potato fries. We just had to taste those sew patat fries! The fries were tasty and crispy and served with a light-spicy mayonnaise. Our other choices were also extremely tasty!

Loads more…

In addition to our delicious lunch we also had a tour and a closer look at what Mr Black and The White Ox has to offer. There is a wine room in the back of The White Ox filled with hundreds of bottles of wine, which you can rent for wine tastings, private dinners or meetings.

Then we went up with the elevator to view the other pearl: the Skybox! With a beautiful view of Utrecht all around, this seems like the perfect place for a Friday evening drinks or a party. It may be a late night! Then you can always stay with the upstairs ‘2L: The Blend’: an aparthotel specializing in short stay for expats.

Well worth a cycle trip to Utrecht West!

Vleutensevaart 100 | mrblackandthewhiteox.com
Opening hours:
Monday t/m Thursday – 07:00–23:00
Friday & Saturday – 08:00–00:00
Sunday 08:00–23:00


About Lisa Peters

Lisa is a content marketing professional for a large cinema chain, with a knack for writing and a love for Utrecht. Ever since moving to Utrecht in 2009, she has lifted every stone, eaten off many plates and explored every corner. A new food concept or an undiscovered boutique, she will find it and she will love it. The only thing she’s secretly still hoping for is a karaoke bar to open up in Utrecht one day. She lives in the up-and-coming neighborhood around the Amsterdamsestraatweg, where she keeps a close eye on any interesting new store or restaurant that appears. She loves to find hidden gems off the beaten track and now its time for her to start sharing them with you!

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