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Momentize – a life-like gift for yourself

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Marc, Manager of Restaurant LE:EN, to attend this cool blogger event that he organized together with a gift company, called Momentize. With an office at the water tower in the Heuveloord neighborhood in Utrecht, Momentize focuses on creating original and personalized mementos. And what can be more original and personal than a full-color 3D statue of yourself? Obviously, I did not have to think any further to accept Marc’s invitation. A couple of days later, I found myself cycling to LE:EN to attend the event that gave me a lasting impression.

3D scan and tasting session

Located in Heuveloord, LE:EN is one of my favorite restaurants. I usually go there for dinner or to have cocktails with friends. The restaurant is quite spacious and has a separate lounge area with comfortable couches, which makes it the perfect hangout place. Read more about our visits and food tasting session at LE:EN. Take it from me, the restaurant is really worth visiting.

So, after a meet and greet with the Momentize team, it was time to transcend our experience to a three-dimensional level! There, in the middle of the room, stood a large white machine – the so-called 3D Booth. Equipped with 245HD cameras, the futuristic booth produces a super resolution full body scan. I decided to enter the booth with my beloved iPhone, my partner in crime, in which I record all the cool things I discovered in Utrecht. Now you must try to remain motionless during the scanning. Easier said than done, I can tell you that. We had to redo the scanning twice in order to get a proper quality image! Finally, after that intensive five-minute-full-body exertion, I was rewarded with delicious treats from LE:EN. Pretty cool, right?



From scan to statue

Things got even more exciting as I received a 3D picture from Momentize via e-mail. While the rotating picture really impressed my friends and colleagues, the final result is beyond my imagination! The small statue truly resembles me – a life-like mini me!

Now you are probably wondering, what would you do with a gift like that? Well…nothing, really! It’s just something really cool to have, or consider it as a nice experience to give to someone special.

Capturing the unforgettable

My small statue now adorns my desk at the office. Yes, my friend, we all have narcissistic tendencies. But you can also do it for special occasions. How cool would it be to have real-life mini versions of you and your future spouse on your wedding cake? Much better than the average plastic dolls used by the bakery, right? And how about graduations? Birthdays? Or just you doing something you are really passionate about?  Explore your imagination!

Momentize 3D Print Explore Utrecht 1

Family & Friends scandays
Momentize also organizes Family & Friends scan days. On Thursday, 13 October, they will hold such an event at LE:EN from 17:00 to 22:00 hrs. Why not give it a try? And bring your friends or family along to join you in this futuristic 3D experience! Here’s some information regarding the prices.

LE:EN | Heuveloord 140 | more info

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