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Loaded: New Hotspot on the Amsterdamsestraatweg

A menu Loaded with flavour

The Amsterdamsestraatweg is getting to be a hub for new hotspots. Loaded recently opened its doors on the busy street and is a welcome edition to the exciting food landscape. After checking out the menu on their Facebook page, Daina and I couldn’t wait any longer – we jumped on our bikes to visit Loaded over the weekend. Read on for our review! But be warned: you just might start drooling as you read.

First impressions

The space is bright and airy, and the service friendly and inviting. The menu boasts tons of enticing breakfast/brunch and streetfood-inspired dishes, pulling inspiration from all around the globe. This may cause a bit of decision anxiety, but push through it! You can always order more or come back another day (trust me, you’ll want to anyway).

Breakfast & brunch

For brunch, you’ve got your classic options: savory, sweet, a mix of both … something for everyone. Like your classic avo toast, but loaded with extra goodies (see what I did there?). Smoothing bowls & porridge. Shakshuka. Or your American classic: chicken & waffles. We poured over the choices for a bit, and ultimately chose the buttermilk pancakes and the salmon & eggs. The pancakes were light, fluffy, and delicious, but for me the stand-out was definitely the salmon & eggs: two hunks of sourdough bread, softly scrambled eggs, zesty spinach, and a generous serving of beetroot-cured salmon. The perfect balance of healthy and indulgent.


Naturally, we got lunch too. I longingly eyeballed the shrimp po’boy, the kimchi blue cheese toastie, the vo-pho (Asian-style tofu in broth)… But we had to be reasonable, this being meal 2 in one sitting. So we limited it to two dishes: the vad-pav and the kimchi fries. The vad-pav is an Indian flavored dumpling with fermented tomato and green chutney, sandwiched in a pillowy white bun. I’ve never had anything like it before and quite enjoyed it! But one note: if you’re not big on sweet savory food, this isn’t the one for you.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: the kimchi fries. Guys. These are insanely good – and addictive. Twice-fried fries topped with cheese sauce and a generous serving of kimchi. It’s everything I never knew I always wanted. Based on these loaded fries, I can’t wait to try out the other varieties on the menu – if they’re even half as good as these, then they’re sure to be a winner!

Amsterdamsestraatweg 52-54 | Facebook | Instagram

Hours of operation:
Monday & Tuesday closed
The rest of the week: 08:30-22:00

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