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Liquor bar offers Utrecht refined drinks and delicious bites

Liquorbar, located next to Lefebvre, on the Neude is a new fine drinking concept in our city. Maurice Hengelveld wrote earlier about the rise of this new trend and suggested three fine drinking addresses that are worth a visit in Utrecht. The recently opened Liquorbar can be added to the list. Liquorbar combines cool drinks from small distilleries with culinary bites.

Lefebvre’s Liquorbar on the Neude

The Liquorbar is the second bar of Ernest Lefebvre. Does that name sound familiar to you? I’m sure it does, because Liquorbar belongs to the Lefebvre wine bar, which has been located on the Neude for the past eight years. And very popular with wine lovers. And one of my favourite places for a good glass of wine during the weekend.

The owner has lived in Chicago for several years and worked as a buyer for hotels. So he knows better than anyone where to buy the best wines and drinks. The choice for Liquorbar was clear from the start: tough drinks with an inspiring story. At Liquorbar you can enjoy a good glass of vodka or gin with nice matching bites. But do you prefer a cocktail? Then there’s plenty of choice on the menu for a delicious cocktail. Liquorbar offers small distilleries a stage to introduce their beautiful products to a wider audience.

Lounging with Al Capone

The inspiration for the Liquorbar interior comes from the reclamation in the United States in the sixties. The ban on alcohol lasted 14 years and parts of the story can be seen in the paintings hanging on the wall in the lounge area. You can sit comfortably on the brown benches. And the high green bar stools invite you to sit at the table for a long time. Can’t you sit still for long? Then take the stairs to the basement for a game of pool.

‘I think this would be a good time to drink’ president Roosevelt

Culinary bites on the map

The carefully compiled menu is not extensive but offers plenty of choice for delicious bites in addition to the beautiful selection of drinks. During our visit to Liquorbar we tasted: mini burgers, pizza, and oysters with cream and caviar with a drop of NODE gin. All delicious! The vegetarian pizza was my favorite. The pizza base is imported from Italy. Believe me, you don’t want to share the pizza. 😉

Nice fact

In cooperation with local distillery ‘De Pronckheer’ from Cohen, Liquorbar has its own gin and vodka fired with various plants, herbs and flowers. This recipe is inspired by the Neude of yesteryear, which was a swamp where many herbs and plants grew. The collaboration resulted in a deliciously spicy NODE gin and vodka. These drinks are purely worth tasting. It is also recommended in a cocktail.

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Address Lefebvre ’s Liquorbar
Neude 1
3512 AD Utrecht
030 32000225

Opening hours Liquorbar: each day from 15:00

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